It is the process of polishing the stainless material or article and improving its visuality by removing the micro-parts from the surface of the stainless parts under anodic current with an electric current in a chemical environment. In fact, different working parameters and different working parameters are applied for each metal. However, as Barış Chromium provides coating services, it has limited this issue to “Stainless (Chrome or alloy) Materials” application only. Electropolishing is not a coating process. It is the polishing process of the stainless material itself. It is the process of reaching the original image of the completely stainless material. It is the best polishing method with etching method. Therefore, it is a process that must be applied in order to give a more noble appearance and quality to our stainless parts produced with great efforts. Electropolishing is always applied in developed countries, regardless of the sector, part size and geometric shape in which stainless is used.


Stainless steel articles, tools and materials,

In stainless steel materials for decorative or construction purposes,

Containers used in the food industry for containers or actively,

Industrial carrier pipes

In water treatment and filter materials

Specific tools, machinery and equipment used in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industry

Stainless materials used for medical purposes in hospitals and operating theaters

It is a technology applied for the use of materials in more reliable situations in accordance with the visual and responsibility of the material in technological materials that must be stainless for industrial purposes.

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