Coating activity on iron-steel material is done in two ways according to the surface condition. It is made as “Polished Part” and “Non-Polished Part”. Polishing request and authority is completely dependent on customer request. The parts that are not polished, directly to the coating after the entrance controls, the parts that are polished; After polishing and polishing control, it is taken to the coating. The technical drawing, shaping responsibility and authority of the part are under the responsibility of the customer.

Our facility; 85% of its capacity serves the automotive industry. Automatic Facility; It was created as a preparation stage for coating with 4 different processes under the name of “Pre-Cleaning”. The first plating event begins at the Shiny Nickel step. It is designed to make Bright Nickel and Chrome Plating. Each Nickel plated bath is 2500 liters. Chrome coating bath is 4000Liter. Bathroom depth is 120 cm.

Our Automatic Coating Line operates with computer-controlled loading and has an archiving system where traceability of every coating process and current process values are available.

Covering processes of series and certain size parts such as Seat Header Bars, Armrest Bars, Safety Belt Buckles, Specific parts, Exhaust Brackets and Furniture Accessories are performed. Daily, weekly, monthly maintenance and cleaning of our facility and coating apparatus are carried out in accordance with a planned system. Just as all of our analyzes are carried out in the laboratory of the Consultant Company, our analyzes are carried out in our own laboratory to protect the initial installation values of the facility and to prevent errors before they occur. We regularly follow the innovations and developments related to coating. All these processes are carried out meticulously to meet customer demands and expectations.

The work of new projects or parts, sample presentations, feasibility studies, competence, capacity, presentation and deliveries are also studied in accordance with customer requests. It is included in the system after the project approval.

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